arabian ghosts
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arabian ghosts

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 ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry

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ghost moshref 3am

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مُساهمةموضوع: ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry   الأربعاء أكتوبر 01, 2008 5:15 am


At No Mercy, ECW Champion Matt Hardy defends his title against Mark Henry.
Theirs is a rivalry forged in a champion’s quest to affirm his ultimate
glory and a former champion’s hunt to reestablish his greatness.
Mark Henry dominated the Land of the Extreme from the moment he
claimed ECW’s top prize. He stomped on top of the mountain as a
dangerous champion, nearly impossible to defeat. To add fuel to the
fire, The World’s Strongest Man enlisted WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas
to stand beside him, a factor that tipped the scales even further in
his favor during his first two defenses against Hardy. Hardy refused to
give up, a quality that allowed him to rise up against the odds and
claim the title in the ECW Championship Scramble at Unforgiven.
But, even with his heroic achievement, the fact remains that Matt
Hardy has never pinned Mark Henry’s shoulders to the mat – neither in
the Scramble Match nor in subsequent tag team competition since. If
Hardy hopes to realize his dream of becoming the greatest ECW Champion
of all time, he will first need to alleviate any doubt that he is at
all weaker than his predecessor.
Can the ECW Champion score a definitive victory and finally solidify
his reign? Or will the scourge of The World’s Strongest Man return to
Don’t miss No Mercy live Sunday, Oct. 5, only on pay-per-view.
Make you own main event for No Mercy with WWE Action Figures at WWE Shop
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ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry
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